97 years ago today: Presentation of Good Service Ribbons in Stafford, 1919

Stafford Parade through town, 1919

First World War Land Girl parade through Stafford, 1919


Stafford Ribbon Ceremony

First World War Land Girl Good Ribbon Ceremony, Stafford


The Landswoman Good Service Article - Stafford by Mrs M E Morris

Article on the Good Service parade by Mrs M E Morris.
Source: The Landswoman, July 1919, page 163.

Courtesy of Dave Bunting, whose grandmother, Martha Bunting (nee Bagnall) was a Land Girl in the First World War, and awarded a Good Service Ribbon.

Martha Bunting (nee Bagnall)

Martha Bunting (nee Bagnall) highlighted in the photo.


Good Service Ribbon Invitation Letter

Invitation sent to Martha by E Nightingale, County Secretary.

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