Sep 102018
WW1 Land Girl: Daisy Dance

General Information First Name(s): Daisy Irene Unmarried Surname: Dance Married Surname: (Died in 1968.) Unmarried so far as known. Date of Birth: 1898 Place of Birth: Downside, Cobham, Surrey Date Joined WLA: 28 March 1919 at Kingston, Surrey. Working in agriculture. Date Left WLA / WFC: Not known but presumably 30 November 1919. Life After War I […]

Apr 082017

General Information First Name(s): Nellie Butcher Unmarried Surname: Jones Married Surname: Bennett – 12 June 1926, Joyce – 18 Dec 1954 Date of Birth: 17 Oct 1901 Place of Birth: Kensington, London Date Joined WLA: 1917? Employment Village: Cornwall Farm Name: Launceston Life After War She returned to Fulham, London, having moved there from Kensington […]

Jul 042016
WW1 Land Girl: Elsie Hurst

General Information First Name(s): Elsie Unmarried Surname: Hurst Married Surname: Preston – married 1921 Date of Birth: June 1900 Place of Birth: Quetta, India (now Pakistan) Life After War Life after war: My gran married a farm owner and they lived up in the Lake District.  They lost everything in 1924 with the foot and mouth […]

Mar 282016
WW1 Land Girl: Martha Bagnall

General Information First Name(s): Martha Unmarried Surname: Bagnall Married Surname: Bunting (1922) Date of Birth: 2 June 1898 Place of Birth: Church Gresley Date Joined WLA: Agriculture 29 August 1918 Date Left WLA / WFC: Uncertain but maybe 1919-1920   Employment Employed by: Mrs Williams, Lerage Lodge, Adbaston, Staffordshire Date with employer: August 1918 to 1919-20 County: Staffordshire Village: Adbaston Farm Name: Maybe Lerage […]

Oct 202015
WW1 Land Girl: Florence Hampshier

General Information First Name(s): Florence Unmarried Surname: Hampshier Married Surname: Bond Date of Birth: 10 August 1893 Place of Birth: Bermondsey, London Date Joined WLA: Agriculture – Date Unknown Employment and Accommodation Employment Employed by?: Private Farmer County: Bedfordshire Village: Southill Farm Name: Old Rowney Farm   Accommodation Accommodation in: Private billet – Lodged in farmworker’s cottage on the farm with a farm worker’s wife. A Mrs […]