Employment Figures

Between March 1917 and May 1919 – 23,000 women passed through Women’s Land Army (WLA) training centres and became full-time land girls for different lengths of time in agricultural, forage and timber work.

  • September 1917: 6,000 full-time WLA members (drop out rate negligible due to careful selection process)
  • April 1918: 7,000 full-time WLA members
  • September 1918: 16,000 full-time WLA members (the maximum number of land girls serving at any one time during the Great War)

To see individual employment figures for the different sections of the Women’s Land Army, please click on the relevant link below:

Employment figures showing the number of women in the Women's Land Army (WW1) from September 1917 to September 1918

Summary adapted by Stuart Antrobus from The Women’s Land Army: a Portrait (Gill Clarke)