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Doris Bradley (née Moore)

WW2 Land Girl: Doris Bradley (née Moore)

General Information First Name(s): Doris Unmarried Surname:  Moore Married Surname: Bradley Date of Birth: 1.5.1924 Place of Birth: Faversham, Kent Date Joined WLA: 4.5.1942 Date Left WLA:  1.1.1946 WLA number: 75760 Previous occupation: Printer Reasons for joining:...

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WW2 Land Girl: Olive French (née Heath)

General Information First Name(s): Olive Unmarried Surname:  Heath Married Surname: French Date of Birth: 2.7.1929 Place of Birth: Lewes, East Sussex Date Joined WLA:  20.7.1946 Date Left WLA:  30.11.1950 WLA Number: 174200 Previous occupation: Nursemaid Reasons for...

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WW2 Land Girl: Edith Barlow

“My mother said that I wouldn’t last long in the Land Army but she was wrong, I loved it.” Read about Edith’s Land Girl days in Lincolnshire & Bedfordshire.

Joycelyn Betty Theobald (née Mumford) in the WLA uniform when she was 19 years old in 1945.

WW2 Land Girl: Joycelyn Betty Theobald (née Mumford)

General Information First Name(s): Joycelyn Betty Unmarried Surname:  Mumford Married Surname:  Theobald Date of Birth:  22/6/1926 Place of Birth: West Ham, Canning Town Date Joined WLA: 16/8/1943 Date Left WLA: 17/01/1948 WLA Number: 135722 Previous occupation: Shop Assistant Reasons for joining: Not...

Jean Birtles in her WLA uniform

WW2 Land Girl: Jean Birtles (née Bannister)

General Information First Name(s):  Jean Leslie Unmarried Surname: Bannister Married Surname: Birtles Date of Birth: 18th July 1920 Place of Birth: Hornchurch, Essex Date Joined WLA: 1940 Date Left WLA: 1943 Employment Pre-Work Training: I was interviewed...

Bucks WLA Jessie McLaren Photographs

WW2 Land Girl: Jessie Rose Woolhead (née McLaren)

General Information First Name(s):  Jessie Rose Unmarried Surname: McLaren Married Surname: Woolhead Date of Birth: 9/12/1929 Place of Birth: London Date Joined WLA: 12/5/1947 Date Left WLA: 1/9/1949 Employment Worked for County War Agricultural Committee, from May...

Emma Chapman working reaper-binder at Walnut Farm, Newport Pagnell, August 1941

WW2 Land Girl: Emma Hayfield (née Chapman)

General Information First Name(s): Emma Unmarried Surname: Chapman Married Surname: Hayfield Date of Birth:  1/11/1920 Place of Birth: Long Marston, Tring, Hertfordshire Date Joined WLA: 15 August 1941 [?] Date left: 25 March 1946 Employment Worked for Horace Patterson, The...