The following posters were used to present the WLA in an idyllic light and entice women into agricultural life, many of whom had no experience of the realities of what farmwork involved.

FOR A HEALTHY, HAPPY JOB - JOIN THE WOMEN'S LAND ARMY  poster (Art.IWM PST 6078) image: a young woman, wearing the Land Army uniform, stands with a pitchfork in her left hand and holds her jacket in her right. She surveys a field of wheat. Copyright: � IWM. Original Source:
Source: Women’s Land Army Recruitment poster, designed by Clive Uppton. Source: (Art.IWM PST 6078)
'We could do with thousands more like you' WLA poster
Join The Women's Land Army Food Comes First recruitment poster
Calling All Women Women's Land Army Poster
Source: Catherine Procter

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