Betty Iris Marguerite Lawrence

General Information

Betty Lawrence in her Land Girl uniform
Betty Lawrence in her WLA uniform.

First Name(s):  Betty Iris Marguerite

Unmarried Surname: Lawrence

Date of Birth: 23.8.1922

Place of Birth: Brynmawr

Date Joined WLA: 20.1.1942

Date Left WLA: 14.1.1947

WLA Number: 62407

Previous occupation: In service” at Moorend Court, Mathon. Owned by Mr Higgins who was Chairman of Metalbox.

Reasons for joining: Help the war effort.

Family’s reaction to joining: The family had no objection. I think they understood my dislike of city streets and the longing for the countryside.

Reactions of local people: By the time I joined, local people were very accustomed to the WLA girls, so no problems.


No pre-work training.

From January 1943, worked for Stephen Ballard at the Bank Farm, Mathon, Worcestershire. Then worked for the Burcott WLA Hostel in Hereford until January 1947.

Worked with Miss Jenkins who joined the WLA at the same time and Lilian Douch.


Lived at parent’s home: Old Mill House, Mathon, Nr Malvern, Worcestershire.

Life after the war

Reasons for leaving: Officially released

Post-war occupation: Home help/cleaner/fruit picker etc.

Stay on the land?: Only for seasonal jobs – hop and fruit picking for instance.

Outstanding events or achievements? Made deputy Warden of the Hostel, just a month before she was released!

Contributor Information

Name: John Lawrence, son.

Lawrence Enrolment Letter, January 1942
Betty Lawrence enrolment letter, sent on 19th January 1942.
Lawrence Good Service Badge, July 1946
Letter sent to Betty Lawrence by County Chairman, Lady Lettice Cotterell, enclosing Betty’s 9th Good Service Badge.
Lawrence Release Letter, December 1946
Betty Lawrence release letter, sent on 27th December 1946.

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