Enid Niezgoda (née Scowcroft)

General Information

Enid Scowcroft

First Name(s): Enid

Unmarried Surname: Scowcroft

Married Surname: Niezgoda

Date of Birth: 15/12/22

Place of Birth: Bolton

Date joined WLA: 1939

Date left: 1947

Previous occupation: Hairdresser

Reasons for joining: Didn’t want to work in a munitions factory, not my cup of tea at all!

Family’s reaction to joining: They didn’t mind at all – my grandfather was a very outdoors type of person.

Reasons for leaving: Not making any headway in life. I had saved up enough money to open my own hairdressing shop so went back to doing that.


County War Agricultural Committee, Lancashire 1939-1945

Then employed by Jakemans, Lower Darwin, near Bolton from 1945-1947.


Lived in hostel in Wellspool with 12 other Land Girls, followed by a private house in Ael-e-Bryn.

Type of work undertaken: When working on the farm, a morning milk round with a pony and float. I also cleared the cow houses and stables and did the milking in the afternoon.

Worked liked most and least: The milk round was the best. Nothing I didn’t like, I took it all in my stride.

Any accidents or injuries: No, but I had a close escape when a frightened horse bolted with the hay cart I was on. I managed to jump off, but could have been a bad accident.

How did work in the WLA impact their life? I was lucky, I was very happy with the people I worked and lived with and made memories that have lasted a lifetime.

Best memories: The pharmacist’s wife in the village holding a 21st hen party for my birthday with all the girls and ladies in the village.

Reactions of local people towards WLA: Everyone was very pleasant; they respected you and took you to heart.

Treatment by farmers or market gardeners: It was always good on market day, when all the farmers came in. The place came alive then.

Any other comments on time in the WLA: Life is what you put into it, so I enjoyed it.

Enid in a replica of her WLA uniform in 2021.

Life after the war

Went back to working as a hairdresser.

Contributor Information

Name: Samantha Adby

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