Podcast Launch: Meet Skye Watton, Ploughing the Fields with Poetry

Today, I’m delighted to launch the first episode in a new Women’s Land Army podcast series. In this series, I’ll be talking to people who spend their time delving into the history of the Women’s Land Army to explore why they do it, what they’ve found, and how they’re sharing their findings with others.

For this first episode, I was delighted to speak to my sister, Skye Watton, who is the director of a new WLA poetry series called ‘Ploughing the Fields with Poetry’.

Skye will be launching this free, online video series in November, in partnership with Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse and Kick the Dust.

Hear what inspired Skye to read lots of poems by Land Girls and how she’s using these to tell a range of stories of what life on the land looked like for members of the WLA.

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