Aug 012015

VJ Day finally marked the end of all fighting in the Second World War when Japan surrendered, following the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan on 6th and 8th August by the United States of America. There then began the very slow move back to normality in Britain, although food shortages and rationing in general continued. Bread rationing had to be introduced in 1946 and meat rationing continued until 1954. Some land girls stayed on in the Women’s Land Army after the war and new recruits were needed to maintain the labour force on farms. Most land girls left to get married or returned to their pre-war occupations. The WLA was finally disbanded at the end of November 1950.

VJ Bedfordshire Celebrations Bedfordshire Times. Courtesy of Stuart Antrobus

VJ Celebrations in Bedford
Bedfordshire Times. Courtesy of Stuart Antrobus