February: Land Girls and Lumber Jills in the snow

Thank you to all those that have shared photos for the monthly collages. We look forward to sharing them throughout the year. This month focuses on the snow, just one of many weathers which Land Girls and Lumber Jills had to work in!

Land Girls and Lumber Jills Snow Collage

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Women land-workers enjoying snowfall in a farmyard (handwritten caption on rear reads, ‘Spring fashions and Spring weather’) near Basingstoke area, c.1917. Source: Hampshire Archives
  • A Land Girl in Sussex sitting on top of her Hitler snowman during the Second World War. 14th January 1942. Source: Getty Images
  • Land Girls clearing snow in 1947 near Woodford Halse. Source: Connie Tomalin
  • Josie [?] and Vicky Richards having fun in the snow at ‘Chimney Corner’ WLA hostel near Bedford (between Elstow and Houghton Conquest). Source: Stuart Antrobus
  • Grinding the axe for the day’s felling. Source: ‘Meet the Members’
  • 1. Joyce Barker Bradford, 2 Alice ? 3 betty Knight Huddersfield 4 Doris Harrisdence Halifax, 5 Elsie Thompson Hull, 6 Anne thompson Hull, 7 Eileen Gibson Hull enjoying the snow. Source: Joan Lynn (nee Birchall) photo collection.

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