January Collage: Land Girls, cars and trucks

Land Girls, Cars & Trucks

As a new initative for 2017, Stuart Antrobus and I will be replacing the ‘Farming Activity of the Month’ with ‘Land Girls and Lumber Jills At Play. We will try to reflect the range of ways Land Girls and Lumber Jills spent their leisure times at different times throughout the year.

Do you have photos of Land Girls and Lumber Jills in their free time? If you do, send them across, and we can include them in our monthly collages

Land Girls, Cars & Trucks

  • Land Girls taking refreshments from YWCA tea car, most likely in the Satterthwaite, Cumbria, England, 1941.
    Source: Satterthwaite Parish Community Website
  • Land girls from the nearby WLA hostel at Wrest Park Lodge, Silsoe, Bedfordshire, having a laugh in the snow-covered village. Camaraderie was the most important factor which hostel girls shared. THis helped them cope with the often harsh conditions in which they lived and worked in wartime agriculture. Isolated land girls billeted with farmers sometimes missed out on this.
    Source: Stuart Antrobus
  • Betty Dugdale in Land Army truck with her fellow Land Girl colleagues, either in Cumbria or Hertfordshire.

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