May 012017


From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Land Girls entertaining the troops at Thundersley Hostel, Essex. Source: Lorna Cosgrove
  • A get together after a day’s training. Versatile Iris Joyce types, farms and also plays. Source: Northamptonshire Records Office
  • Women’s Land Army in Retford in 1949. Source: Catherine Procter
  • One Saturday afternoon Ipswich Hope House in 1943. Source: Kara Lynn
  • Lady Godiva played by Brenda Collinge, Hulcote Moors Hostel, Bedfordshire. Published in the Bedfordshire Times on 1st June 1945, p6. Source: Stuart Antrobus
Apr 012017

Meal Times Women's Land Army

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Lumber Jills enjoying a meal in their hostel in Culford Camp in Suffolk. Source: Margaret Elizabeth Sutherland (nee Coldwell) photo collection.
  • Lumber Jills eagerly awaiting their meals at their hostel in Culford Camp in Suffolk. Source: Margaret Elizabeth Sutherland (nee Coldwell) photo collection.
  • Land Girls billeted at a hostel in Wye, taking a break. Phyllis Ridpath is the lady second from the left, and the two ladies on the right hand side are twin sisters Peggy C. Robinson (later Dalglish) and Joan A. Robinson (later Wilson). Source:
  • Land Girls enjoy a hot cup of tea after a hard day of rat catching on a Sussex farm during 1942. Source: IWM
  • Land Girls sharing their lunch break with a spaniel during on a farm in Sevenoaks, Kent in 1942. Source: Pinterest
  • Three Women’s Land Army trainees enjoy a ‘mite’ of milk before their day of training begins at the Northampton Institute of Agriculture. It is 6 o’clock in the morning. Source: IWM
Feb 012017

Thank you to all those that have shared photos for the monthly collages. We look forward to sharing them throughout the year. This month focuses on the snow, just one of many weathers which Land Girls and Lumber Jills had to work in!

Land Girls and Lumber Jills Snow Collage

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Women land-workers enjoying snowfall in a farmyard (handwritten caption on rear reads, ‘Spring fashions and Spring weather’) near Basingstoke area, c.1917. Source: Hampshire Archives
  • A Land Girl in Sussex sitting on top of her Hitler snowman during the Second World War. 14th January 1942. Source: Getty Images
  • Land Girls clearing snow in 1947 near Woodford Halse. Source: Connie Tomalin
  • Josie [?] and Vicky Richards having fun in the snow at ‘Chimney Corner’ WLA hostel near Bedford (between Elstow and Houghton Conquest). Source: Stuart Antrobus
  • Grinding the axe for the day’s felling. Source: ‘Meet the Members’
  • 1. Joyce Barker Bradford, 2 Alice ? 3 betty Knight Huddersfield 4 Doris Harrisdence Halifax, 5 Elsie Thompson Hull, 6 Anne thompson Hull, 7 Eileen Gibson Hull enjoying the snow. Source: Joan Lynn (nee Birchall) photo collection.
Jun 012016

June Haymaking Collage

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Haymaking in the Second World War. Source: Dailypost
  • Member of the Women’s Forage Corps feeding a hay baler in the First World War. Source: IWM, Q 30688 (bottom right photo)

Other activities included:

  • Sheep shearing
  • Routine sheep work
  • Silaging

Source: Farm

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