Dec 012016
December Activity of the Month: More Tending Livestock

One month did not seem to give appropriate recognition to the range of livestock which Land Girls tended as part of their work in the Women’s Land Army. Our final collage of farming activities therefore presents photographs of Land Girls tending a variety of animals. To see the collages of farming activities for the whole […]

Nov 012016
November Activity of the Month: Tending Livestock

From left to right, top to bottom: A Land Girl feeding livestock taken by Robert Hunt. Source: AllPosterImages Edna Milton, from the Silsoe WLA hostel, Bedfordshire, with Dora the cow, April 1949. Source: Stuart Antrobus Another Bedfordshire land girl. Source: Stuart Antrobus Farming activities included: Tup sales Male calves castrated before the onset of frost […]

Oct 012016
October Activity of the Month: Ploughing

From left to right, top to bottom: A member of the Women’s Land Army is trained in the traditional horse-drawn method of ploughing at the WLA training centre at Cannington in Somerset, c 1940. Source: IWM Land Girl Ploughing. Source: Cherish Watton Ploughing up arable fields at Colmworth. Source: Stuart Antrobus. Land girl wearing tin […]

Aug 012016
August Activity of the Month: Threshing

From left to right, top to bottom: A team of mobile Land Girls threshing in Toddington. Courtesy of Stuart Antrobus. Land Girls stacking straw at Sharpenhoe. Courtesy of Stuart Antrobus. and Girl Dorothy Sills (aged 19) from Middlesborough helps with the harvest on a farm in Yorkshire. She was a shop assistant before joining the […]

Jul 012016
July Activity of the Month: Harvesting

From left to right, top to bottom: Land Girls helping with the harvest at Piccotts End. Source: Dacorum Heritage Trust Clare Fletcher and Betty Gray stooking corn at Manor Farm, Cardington. Source: Stuart Antrobus Rita Stokes harvesting the corn with a tractor-driven reaper-binder. Source: Stuart Antrobus Molly Stevens, from Charlbury, Oxfordshire, working a hay turning […]

Jun 012016
June Activity of the Month: Haymaking

From left to right, top to bottom: Iris Joyce learns to drive the hay making chariot. Source: D8805, Northamptonshire Record Office Peggy Richardson (left) and Barbara Newell (right) pitching hay to Phyllis (?) on the cart on Luton Hoo estate c.1940s. Source Stuart Antrobus. Land Girls hay bundling in the Second World War. Source: Home […]

May 012016
May Activity of the Month: Cultivating Apples

From left to right, top to bottom: Land Girl, Miss Winnie Kent, pictured collecting apples. Source: IWM D 10761 Spraying apple orchards at Cockayne Hatley. Source: Stuart Antrobus Land owner Mr. Whitehead shows a land army girl what to do in his Cockayne Hatley apple orchard. Source: Stuart Antrobus Members of the Women’s Land Army […]

Apr 012016
April Activity of the Month: Spreading Manure

From left to right, top to bottom: Bedfordshire Land Girls Nancy Karny & Ruth Bennett spreading muck. Source: Stuart Antrobus Land Girls pose for a photograph after spreading manure in Gnosall (4 April 1947). Gnosall is a large village in the Borough of Stafford, Staffordshire, England. Source: Pinterest Manure Spreading in Gnosall. Source: Express and […]