Oct 012016

Women's Land Army Ploughing, Second World War

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • A member of the Women’s Land Army is trained in the traditional horse-drawn method of ploughing at the WLA training centre at Cannington in Somerset, c 1940. Source: IWM
  • Land Girl Ploughing. Source: Cherish Watton
  • Ploughing up arable fields at Colmworth. Source: Stuart Antrobus.
  • Land girl wearing tin helmet while ploughing – south-east of England. Source: Stuart Antrobus
  • A Land Army girl using a tractor to plough a field at the Agricultural College at Cannington. Source: IWM

Farming activities included:

  • Ewes dipped and wool clipped around tail, ready for tupping to begin [Mating time]
  • Unfinished wether lambs sold as stores or brought inside for further fattening House feeding cattle
  • Wean and house calves
  • Cultivate arable fields
  • Drill winter wheat
  • Harvest potatoes
  • Harvest sugar beet


Source: Farm Direct.co.uk