Dec 302016

To round off the year, here are all the collages
of the monthly farming activities.

January: Milking

January Milking Collage

February: Ditching

February Ditching Collage

March: Lambing

Lambing Women's Land Army

April: Spreading Manure

April Collage Spreading Manure

May: Cultivating Apples

Women's Land Army May Collage


June: Haymaking

June Haymaking Collage

July: Harvesting

July Monthly Photo Collage

August: Threshing

July Monthly Photo Collage

September: Forestry

Women's TImber Corps

October: Ploughing

Women's Land Army Ploughing, Second World War

November: Tending Livestock

November Monthly Farming Activity: Feeding Livestock

December: More Tending Livestock

December Monthly Image