WW2 Photo: Iris Mears nee Brunswick (based in Kingsclere)

  • Iris Mears nee Brunswick
    Iris Mears nee Brunswick Source: Tracy Searle

Hi, here’s a photo I found of my grandmothers. It’s Second World War Land Army. It’s a copy so not very clear but hopefully it will jog a few memories. My grandmother is Iris Mears nee Brunswick and she is seated front row 4th from left. The other names she gave me are: Dot and Joan to her right behind me and Rita 1st seat on the right. The 3 (from Harkshine?) were good mates. 2nd row 2 from right Vicky who Iris joined with. Back row 4 in from right Tessa, 2nd row 2nd from left Jackie (Jazz Queen) seated 3 from right and 6th from right must be 2 ladies who were in charge. Apparently the doors were locked at 10 O’clock and you were not allowed to be a second late! I believe nan was based in Kingsclere and worked farms around Basingstoke and Oakley. Would love to hear from anyone who can give any further names and surnames.

Please e-mail info@womenslandarmy.co.uk if you have any information.

Update April 2015 by Susan Black

Top row:  Dot Long, Carol Jones, Iris Peckham, Joan Hopkins, Joan White, Peggy Steele, Queenie Darby, Kath Mott, Connie Parker, Doreen Sturdy, Rene Mason, Gladys Wady, Jessie Davenport, Nellie Hinks, Nellie B? Kath Langdon

Next row:  Joan Lovell, Doreen Hunt, Jackie Goff (Susan Black’s mother), Jessie Fenn, Joan Briggs, Dot Butters, Mary Johnson, Val Casselburg, Bessie Martin, Jean Inkson, Gert Kerr, Pauline Burgess, Helen Kerr, Vicki Lennard, Madge Gurney, Miss Keeling

Next row:  Lily Marvin, Di Stanley, Doreen Stapleton, Iris Brunswick, George New (Labour Foreman), Mrs Rogerson (Warden), Mr Loveridge (Works Officer), Mr Grinstead (Machinery Officer), Miss Woolley (Welfare Officer), Audrey Mallon, Rita DeSadeleer(?)

Iris Mears nee Brunswick Source: Tracy Searle

Iris Mears nee Brunswick, seated front row 4th from left.
Jessie “Jackie” Goff is seated second from left in the middle row (excluding the lady on the vehicle).
Source: Tracy Searle


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