WW1 Land Girl: Constance Marjorie Forfeitt

Constance Forfeitt, centre, c.1917

Constance Forfeitt, centre, c.1917.
Source: Peter Lawson

General Information

First Name(s): Constance Marjorie

Unmarried Surname: Forfeitt

Married Surname: Young, 11th September 1915

Date of Birth: 28/1/1892

Place of Birth: Aldenham, Herts. Registered Watford District

Date Joined WLA: Agriculture, c. 1916

Date Left WLA / WFC: Circa 1918?

Life After War

Life after war: After the war, Constance led the life of a housewife bringing up her two children. Son born February 1920 and daughter born March 1922.

Further Information:  Previous occupation – Telephonist at St Albans Telephone Exchange from 1910 and Postal Clerk at St Albans Post Office from 1914. Unfortunately we have no other information as my Grandmother was not forthcoming about her past and died before I was sufficiently interested to make enquiries.

Contributor Details

Name: Peter Lawson Young

Relationship to Land Girl: Grandson

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