Aug 022017


Photo sent in by Elaine Robertson

Photo of Land Girls sent in by Elaine Robertson


The ladies in the picture are:

  • Lena Killpatrick (my mother from Glasgow)
  • Nan Thompson
  • Elgin Joan Bissit (Glasgow)
  • Mary Cullen (Glasgow)
  • Getta M’canns (up north)
  • Jean Sanderson (Edinburgh)
  • Irene (Glasgow) Jackie (Aberdeen)
  • Betty Cullen (Glasgow)
  • Rena M’Neal Tollcross (Glasgow)
  • Miss Munro the Matron Molly Lawrence (Glasgow)
  • Celia Fulton (Glasgow)

The address where they stayed in the Land Army was Rosskean Hostel, Invergordon Ross-shire.

My mother was in the land army from 1946 till 1948

Elaine Robertson.