Evelyn Monro (née Wells)

General Information

Evelyn Munro

First Name(s): Evelyn

Unmarried Surname:  Wells

Married Surname: Monro

Date of Birth:  16.11.1920

Place of Birth: Stone Hall, Little Clacton

Date Joined WLA: 1939

Date Left WLA: 1945

Previous occupation: Shop Assistant, Freman and Willis Shoe Store, Clacton

Reasons for joining: To help in war effort.

Family’s reaction to joining: Happy.

Reasons for leaving: War ended. Married a Canadian. Became one of the war brides to move to Canada.


Worked for County War Agricultural Committee on Manor Farm, Gt Holland, Essex, 1940-1945. Worked clearing fields and wood, and driving tractors.

Worked with Betty and Gwen at Clacton-on-Sea.

Remembers German planes flying over to bomb London.

Evelyn (right) sawing a tree with a fellow Land Girl.


Lived in hostel in Upminster and Writtle. When working in Clacton, she was allowed to live at home as she was working on farms nearby.

Life after the war

Got married after the war.

Other information

My mother and father separated in 1952. Her and I returned to England and lived with her parents in Clacton. She never remarried. My wife and I moved to Canada in 1979. My mother is now living in 24 hour care in Frinton-on-Sea.

Contributor Information

Name: John Monro, son.

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