December Poem of the Month

Land Army: An Honourable Mention, written by Hilda Kaye Gibson in August 2007 for a commemorative event to mark the issuing of the WLA and WTC Veterans Badge

Shakespeare’s precious stone set in a silver sea
With rivers, fields and forests, hills and vales
Tended by many hands through countless years
Her infinite attraction never pales
In one brief moment of her history
Came opportunity to do our share
Be guardians of our heritage
And nurture it with loving care

We tiled the earth and grew the crops
We fed the sheep the pigs the cows
We felled the trees and killed the rats
Became as one with spades and ploughs
Remembering with a sense of pride
The toiling hours of work well done
The Land Girls and Timber Corps
Both earned their season in the sun

No medals won no honours bestowed
Now home to challenges new
Our story forgotten our army dispersed
Our pride in our service stays true
Time marches on as years slip away
Suddenly somebody cares
Remembered with thanks and awarded a badge
We cherish the honours it bears

Land Girls and Timber Corps present and past
Remain sisters under the skin
Let’s raise a glass to the thousands who served
And the battle we all helped to win

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