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Chequers Land Girl during the Second World War

WW1 Photo: Land Girl at Chequers

A First World War Land Girl at work with a motor plough on Sir Arthur Lee’s estate, Chequers Court – the house of Prime Ministers. Source: Catherine Procter Collection

the dining room in use at Milton Ernest hutment hostel, Bedfordshire

Running the WLA: YWCA Hostels

While there is a lot of information on hostels run by the WLA, there is much less on hostels run by the YWCA. As one of the purposes of this monthly series is to highlight previously-neglected aspects of the running of the WLA, the YWCA’s involvement seems appropriate to explore.

WW1 Land Girl: Florence Fremantle (nee Crouch)

WW1 Land Girl: Florence Fremantle (nee Crouch)

The Honorary Florence Fremantle belonged to a Buckinghamshire family with long standing army connections. Her father, Lord Cottesloe, was Colonel of the Bucks Battalion Territorial Army. Her brother Halford died in battle in 1915...