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FOR A HEALTHY, HAPPY JOB - JOIN THE WOMEN'S LAND ARMY (Art.IWM PST 6078) image: a young woman, wearing the Land Army uniform, stands with a pitchfork in her left hand and holds her jacket in her right. She surveys a field of wheat. Copyright: � IWM. Original Source: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/36790

WW2 Land Girl: Kathleen Fawell

General Information First Name(s): Kathleen Mary Unmarried Surname: Fawell Date of Birth:  28/7/13 Place of Birth:  Sandhutton near Thirsk Years spent in WLA: 5 Pre-war occupation: 3 years physical training 3 years teaching boys school...

the dining room in use at Milton Ernest hutment hostel, Bedfordshire

Running the WLA: YWCA Hostels

While there is a lot of information on hostels run by the WLA, there is much less on hostels run by the YWCA. As one of the purposes of this monthly series is to highlight previously-neglected aspects of the running of the WLA, the YWCA’s involvement seems appropriate to explore.