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the dining room in use at Milton Ernest hutment hostel, Bedfordshire

Running the WLA: YWCA Hostels

While there is a lot of information on hostels run by the WLA, there is much less on hostels run by the YWCA. As one of the purposes of this monthly series is to highlight previously-neglected aspects of the running of the WLA, the YWCA’s involvement seems appropriate to explore.

Lady Denman's message in the April 1940 edition of The Land Girl.

Running the WLA: Lady Denman

This month’s post explores the vital work of Honorary WLA Director Lady Gertrude Denman and the role of the Women’s Institutes (WIs). The WI not only influenced the lives of those running the WLA...

Office staff working at Balcombe Place

Running the WLA: Balcombe Place

2019 marks 80 years since the Women’s Land Army – a civilian organisation run entirely by women – was set up for the Second World War. The 2019 series of monthly posts will focus...