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WLA Hostels: Buckinghamshire

Following this month’s focus on the WLA in Buckinghamshire, WLA historian Stuart Antrobus, has kindly compiled a list of WLA hostels in the county. If you have any more information to add to the list, then please get in touch.

Bucks WLA Jessie McLaren Photographs

WW2 Land Girl: Jessie Rose Woolhead (née McLaren)

General Information First Name(s):  Jessie Rose Unmarried Surname: McLaren Married Surname: Woolhead Date of Birth: 9/12/1929 Place of Birth: London Date Joined WLA: 12/5/1947 Date Left WLA: 1/9/1949 Employment Worked for County War Agricultural Committee, from May...

Emma Chapman working reaper-binder at Walnut Farm, Newport Pagnell, August 1941

WW2 Land Girl: Emma Hayfield (Chapman)

General Information First Name(s): Emma Unmarried Surname: Chapman Married Surname: Hayfield Date of Birth:  1/11/1920 Place of Birth: Long Marston, Tring, Hertfordshire Date Joined WLA: 15 August 1941 [?] Date left: 25 March 1946 Employment Worked for Horace Patterson, The...

Rose Dixon

WW2 Land Girl: Rose Violet Rogers (née Dixon)

General Information First Name(s):  Rose Violet Unmarried Surname: Dixon Married Surname: Rogers Date of Birth:  22/10/1922 Place of Birth: Bermondsey, London Date Joined WLA: 11/1941 Date Left WLA: 9/1945 Employment Worked at Home Farm, Steeple Claydon (private)& Buckingham Machinery Depot...

Annie Glover (née Sawyer)

WW2 Land Girl: Annie Glover (née Sawyer)

General Information First Name(s): Annie Charlotte Catherine Unmarried Surname: Sawyer Married Surname: Glover Date of Birth:  9th March 1928 Place of Birth:  62 Tucker Street, Canning Town, London Date Joined WLA: 17th July 1946 Date...

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

From left to right, top to bottom: The last but one Christmas party to be held at the WLA hostel, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, December 1948. The hostel closed in around September 1950. The two...

Betty Parker portraits

WW2 Land Girl: Betty McCarthy (née Parker)

General Information First Name(s): Betty Louise Unmarried Surname: Parker Married Surname: McCarthy Date of Birth:  26/5/1920 Place of Birth: Leyton Date Joined WLA: 31st August 1942-18th January 1946. Pre-war occupation: Cardboard box maker WLA number: 92048 Family’s reaction to...