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WW2 Land Girl: Vera Dorothy Tracey

WW2 Land Girl: Vera Dorothy Tracey

General Information First Name(s): Vera Dorothy Unmarried Surname:  Tracey Date of Birth:  5/3/1917 Date Joined WLA: Sometime before June 1940. WLA Number: 135722 Previous occupation: Hospital ward orderly or similar Reasons for leaving: Disbandment Employment Diary work...

Doris Bradley (née Moore)

WW2 Land Girl: Doris Bradley (née Moore)

General Information First Name(s): Doris Unmarried Surname:  Moore Married Surname: Bradley Date of Birth: 1.5.1924 Place of Birth: Faversham, Kent Date Joined WLA: 4.5.1942 Date Left WLA:  1.1.1946 WLA number: 75760 Previous occupation: Printer Reasons for joining:...

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WW2 Land Girl: Olive French (née Heath)

General Information First Name(s): Olive Unmarried Surname:  Heath Married Surname: French Date of Birth: 2.7.1929 Place of Birth: Lewes, East Sussex Date Joined WLA:  20.7.1946 Date Left WLA:  30.11.1950 WLA Number: 174200 Previous occupation: Nursemaid Reasons for...

A cropped image of a Land Girl digging

Happy Mothering Sunday

Woman Carries On. ‘The first batch of recruits to the Women’s Land Army successfully completed their training at the Preston school and are now working on farms in Lancashire. A fresh batch of recruits...

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WW2 Land Girl: Edith Barlow

“My mother said that I wouldn’t last long in the Land Army but she was wrong, I loved it.” Read about Edith’s Land Girl days in Lincolnshire & Bedfordshire.

Joycelyn Betty Theobald (née Mumford) in the WLA uniform when she was 19 years old in 1945.

WW2 Land Girl: Joycelyn Betty Theobald (née Mumford)

General Information First Name(s): Joycelyn Betty Unmarried Surname:  Mumford Married Surname:  Theobald Date of Birth:  22/6/1926 Place of Birth: West Ham, Canning Town Date Joined WLA: 16/8/1943 Date Left WLA: 17/01/1948 WLA Number: 135722 Previous occupation: Shop Assistant Reasons for joining: Not...