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Land girls staying at St Elmo's WLA Rest House, Torquay, go swimming during their paid holiday. Photo courtesy of the Imperial War Museum.

Running the WLA: Rest Break Houses

In June 1944, the WLA in England and Wales set up two Rest Break Houses. Selected Land Girls enjoyed recuperation through paid holidays at a seaside resort after either long service or illness brought...

WW1 Photo: WLA procession in honour of the King

WW1 Photo: WLA procession in honour of the King

Source: Catherine Procter Collection A procession of Land Girls marching in honour of the King during the First World War. If anyone knows any more information about this photograph, such as where the procession...

Sorting Potatoes

WW2 Photos: Girls Know Their Potatoes

Source: Catherine Procter Collection ‘These hardy members of the Britain’s Women’s Land Army sort potatoes under the watchful eyes of farmers during a recent demonstration of their skill. The girls demonstrated every phase of...

Plenty of Steam Up

WW2 Photo: Land Girls threshing in Kent

Source: Catherine Procter Collection ‘These English Land Army Girls are running and old fashioned steam engine for the threshing on a farm in Kent. There are more than 25,000 girls in Britain’s Land Army...

Chequers Land Girl during the Second World War

WW1 Photo: Land Girl at Chequers

A First World War Land Girl at work with a motor plough on Sir Arthur Lee’s estate, Chequers Court – the house of Prime Ministers. Source: Catherine Procter Collection