WW1 Enrolment Form

WW1 WLA Enrolment form W.L. 47 c1917

WW1 WLA Enrolment form W.L 47 July 1917.
Source: Bedfordshire Archives WW1/WA/1/3






















Text reads as follows:-

Form of Agreement to be signed on Enrolment by Members of the Women’s Land Army

I undertake, as a member of the Women’s Land Army, on demand by the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries to return to the Board my outfit and to pay to the Board the sum of £2 towards the cost spent upon my instruction, if, without leave of the Board and for a reason which in the opinion of the responsible officers of the Board is insufficient:-

(1) I leave the Instruction Centre to which I am sent before the end of the instruction period, or
(2) I withdraw from the instruction so provided whilst I remain at the Instruction Centre, or
(3) I fail to accept any offer of subsequent employment arranged for me by the Board, or
(4) I terminate, or by misconduct cause the termination of, any such employment.

In the presence as witness of

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