The Woodcut Press (2013)

This page is about The Woodcut Press, a band who have recently composed and performed a song on ‘The Land Working Volunteers’.  Mark Gonslaves explains the importance of the Land Army to this song…

I was recently inspired to write a song after listening to volunteers’ stories on the BBC archive. The song is called The Land Working Volunteers and is performed by Louisa Wansborough with The Woodcut Process. Please listen to the song by clicking on the link:

On the list of songs that is brought up click on the 07 The Land Working Volunteers, and the song will play automatically.

The show I was listening to that inspired me to write the Land Working Volunteers song, focussed on the contribution of the Women’s Land Army during the War, and the building of a memorial as a tribute to the Women’s Land Army.

The programme reminded me, because I had forgotten, or, more likely, it wasn’t in school lessons, that as well as being fought on the [home] front, on home soil women were experiencing war as well. It was those women who were working to provide the vital supplies on which the army depended.

I imagine that at the end of a hard day, the Land Working Volunteers is the type of song that a group of Land Army Girls would sing. Or perhaps they would sing it when they were around the piano letting people know who they are, and what they did. I also wrote the song because what happened in the workplace during the War is a part of our country’s social history. It’s not just a song about WW2; it’s about all the other times the country has had to unite.

The Woodcut Process is a band that performs traditional, contemporary, and original folk music. Our folk themed songs are backed by an acoustic rock band sound. In our live sets we will sing about industry, the ocean, the open road, and the people who work and live these regions.

To find out more about The Woodcut Press, please click here.