A Dot on the Landscape by Ray Evans

A Dot on The Landscape Book Advert Poster

Set in the Midlands during WW2 a young Birmingham girl is enlisted into the Women’s Land Army by her mother, who fears for her safety knowing that the city will be targeted by German bombers. Dorothy the heroine, would have been diagnosed as dyslexic today, but back then such souls were considered ‘dim’ or ‘vague’ and it was such prejudice that may have prevented her fulfilling her ambition of joining the armed forces. Her first assignment on a farm in Warwickshire, she joins an eclectic group of women from diverse backgrounds. Her mother had planned that being part of a disparate and well-educated team, her self-confidence would grow. It did, but not without exposure to perceived sexual abuse, fifth-columnist intrigue and the discovery of a long-lost relative.

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