Jan 152018

This photograph album, kindly shared by Catherine Procter, charts the journey of Land Girls in Retford, Nottinghamshire. Alongside photographs of women out on the farm, the album also includes postcards from a visit to Brighton, where they went for a break away from tiring farm work. The album shows women also enjoying a visit to Picton Castle in Pembrokeshire, as well as participation in the Retford Operatic Society. Such groups provided a way for women to meet local people in the area, whilst providing an important source of fun. Retford’s proximity to Nottingham provided the opportunity for women to presumably visit the castle, with a potential visit likely commemorated with the inclusion of a postcard in the album. Have a look through the photographs below and see what they can tell us about how women wished to remember and document their wartime service.

WLA Retford Album Page 1


WLA Retford Album Page 2


WLA Retford Album Page 3


WLA Retford Album Page 5


WLA Retford Album Page 6


WLA Retford Album Page 4