Next Steps

WLA Register

The Duveen Trust and Yorkshire Museum of Farming

The Duveen Trust and Yorkshire Museum of Farming are supporting the next phase of development for the site.

I have received funding from The Duveen Trust, with the support of the Yorkshire Museum of Farming, to develop my website further. This specifically focuses around documenting the legacy of the Women’s Land Army by providing a system for individuals or communities to submit information on World War Two Land Girls, such as their names, periods of service, working location/s and photos. This is then stored in a central location and displayed on a map to provide a national picture of Land Girl distribution across the country. This plug-in is currently being developed. In the meantime, I am inviting veteran Land Girls and Lumber Jills to fill in a questionnaire on their wartime experiences. To download a copy of the questionnaire, please click here.

Primary Source Collections

Over the last few years I have continued to grow the website archives. My aim is to have digital copies of all journals relating to the WLA in the First and Second World War, alongside an expansion of digitalised documents. Further, Stuart Antrobus (WLA historian) and I produce monthly photo collages focusing on all different parts of women’s wartime experiences in the land and forests.

Women’s Timber Corps

I graduated with a first-class BA in History from the University of Cambridge in July 2017. During my time at Cambridge, I wrote my dissertation on the experience, representation, and memory of Women’s Timber Corps (WTC) under the supervision of Dr Lucy Delap. Following my research, I hope to expand the section on the WTC.

Written by Cherish Watton, Website Editor and Historian, October 2013.

Updated in August 2017.