Sep 092016

lilies-on-the-landIf you live in the vicinity of Cobham, Surrey, the wonderful play by the Lions part ‘Lilies on the Land’ is being performed at Cobham Village Hall on Saturday 10 September as the finale entertainment to Cobham Heritage Day. This particular production won the Leatherhead Drama Festival in 2015 and has been revived especially for Heritage Day. Tickets are £10 inc a glass of wine and are available on the door. Start 8pm. ‘Lilies on the Land’ is a verbatim play charting the personal stories of four young women who sign up to become members of the WLA in WW2. How will these women, each of whom hails from a different social background, who are separated from their families and bereft of basic home comforts, deal with the hardships of farming life and the pressures of war? They may be outsiders in new surroundings but they are determined to do their bit for the War Effort and work endless, backbreaking hours on farms across the country. Based on dozens of letters and interviews with former Land Girls and interwoven with songs and news broadcasts from the period, this is a revealing, funny and often moving portrait of some of Britain’s pluckiest, unsung heroes.

Rodney Pearson