Jul 012015

Those members of the Women’s Land Army who were transferred to the Women’s Timber Corps [WTC], 1942-1946 were equally open to cartoonists’ sniping that, because these young women were new to the job, they would prove to be incompetent. In fact, they were well-trained at Forestry Commission camps in all aspects of forestry work, from measuring and marking up trees, felling, trimming and clearing, haulage and transport and the final sawmill work, to preparing timber for use in wartime mines and other uses. ‘Lumber Jills’, as members of the WTC were often known (or sometimes as ‘Pole Cats’ in Scotland), were the only members of the Women’s Land Army directly employed by Government, by the Home Timber Production Department of the Ministry of Supply. They proved themselves to be very able workers and withstood the hard physical work in often harsh conditions in isolated forests.

Source: Laughs Around The Land Courtesy: Stuart Antrobus

Source: Laughs Around The Land
Courtesy of Stuart Antrobus