Despite working for most of the day in uniform, Land Girls did not have much money to spare. Out of their wages, money was taken for board and lodgings and laundry.  The lifestyles of many Land Girls functioned on a tight budget. Grimwood remembers hitch hiking on numerous occasions, despite being warned of the dangers but there really was a desperation to make their money stretch.

Land Girls on Bike

Bicycles, which were often used as transport from the girls’ accommodation to the farms were vital, once they got to know their war around the country lanes. There were no road signs, so as to not aid the enemy in attack. Dimmed bicycle lamps at night also made it extremely difficult for the girls to find their way around the local area, let alone any further. In some cases, the Land Girls had to put up with the rather unglamorous lorries which were used to ferry them around, driven by Land Girl hostel drivers.