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Emily Ashworth: Looking to gather stories from the ever inspiring ladies of the Women’s Land Army. My Grandmother was a land girl and in honour of her, I wish to put together your memories to make sure you and your incredible lives are never forgotten. Thank you!

Linda Burnett: I am wanting to scatter my mums ashes and remember she had extremely happy memories of her training in the Land Army in Market Weighton, East Yorkshire before being sent to Ware in Hertfordshire. I remember her mentioning her time being spent at Rowley Manor but cannot find anything relating to the Land Army or MOD being there. I was wondering if you had any information regarding Rowley Manor and the Land Army training in the area.

Jacqueline Hunter: I am writing to you in the hope that you can help me with some info. My name is Bernadette Cox, but I was born Jacqueline Hunter on 21st September 1943 at Southmead hospital in Bristol, Gloucestershire, UK. ( I have enclosed my birth certificate ) My mother’s name was Lilian Matilda Hunter and she worked in the Womens Land Army around the time I was born. My mother could not care for me and put me in to Nazareth House around the age of 7 months old, and I was in different homes from then on until I was sent out to Australia, (where I now live) as a child migrant on 21st August 1952, I was 8 years old then and ended up in St. Joseph’s Orphanage in Sydney, and was later adopted by a family. I do happen to know that my mother had 2 more children after me, and by many letters I have here I don’t think she coped with them either. I have a researcher helping me at the moment, and she has asked me to contact you to find any information on Lilian Matilda Hunter, especially if in your records you can find when Lilian was born and also where she was born, that would be a great help. I am searching for any siblings or cousins, I would very much doubt if my mother would still be alive, but the researcher cannot do much unless we trace through my mother’s records.

Richard Pell: My late mum was stationed at the Land Army Hostel at Brampton Ash,near Market Harborough, Leicestershire. We have no other info of her time in the land army. She was originally from Hornsey in London and moved to Lincolnshire when she married.

Barbara Maclean:  I live in Australia my family & I emigrated here in 1965. My mother’s name is Mary Beatrice Snape ( Nee Jones ) Mum & her sister Dot both lived & worked at the market gardens in Herefordshire for around 3 years during WW11 Mum is still alive and is 96 nearly 97 on 6th of March and is an amazing woman I have heard about their extremely hard work aching bodies to tired to eat their dinners at night when they returned for the first few weeks until there bodies got used to all that hard labor as this was all men’s work at the time.
Most of all she talked about the commradary between all the girls.
I have a photo of a group of ladies I don’t know who they all are but my mother and sister are in it. Is there anywhere that I can get information on my mothers time in service here . her enrollment number ?

Mary Beatrice Snape (Nee Jones)


Mary Beatrice Snape (Nee Jones)

Frank Lewis:My auntie served in the Land Army during WW2. I further believe she worked on a farm in Frodsham. Her name was Dyllis Salter. I am looking for any information on her service.


Lucy Doreen PritchardGemma Conibear: I would like to find more information on where my grandmother was based, her role, her service number and any other interesting facts or knowledge. I will now furnish you with as much details as I am able to provide in relation to my grandmother.

Name: Lucy Doreen Pritchard.
Date of Birth: 27th March 1923 (Born within Barry, which at the time, I believe was The County of Glamorgan, now The Vale of Glamorgan).

My grandmother is second in from the left or third in from the right and the only one within the photograph wearing a blazer.

Joan Berridge on the right hand side.

Joan Berridge, pictured on the right hand side.

Ruth Salter: I am currently undertaking a research project on the Land Army in Kent during World War Two for my undergraduate degree, and so I am looking for information on the subject that I can include. I came across your website online, and wondered if you might have any contacts who served in the Kent Land army at the time that might be able to assist me in my research?

Vicki Carter:  I’m trying to find out where my mother, Joan Berridge (may have been known as Joanie) was in Caerphilly during 1948 while with the land army. Her name was Joan Berridge and she would have been about 21yrs old. Any information on farms in Caerphilly that the woman worked on or areas ? I belive it could have been the Abertridwr area, Cearphilly, Glamorganhire? See photo on the right hand side.

Liz Carney-Marsh:  Does anyone have any information on Land Girls working at Clumber, in Nottinghamshire?

Winifred Dickens: My mother went to work at Bourton Manor, near Much Wenlock, Shropshire around 1945 onwards. She originated from Stoke on Trent. Her name used to be Win or Winnie short for Winifred. Married a local man Harry Lewis. Her maiden name Goodwin. I’m looking for any photos that someone may have with my mother on.

Christine McKay: My Mum was called Ivy May Warne (04.11.25) and she worked on a farm in the Tedburn St. Mary area of Exeter. I’m trying to find the farm. Any information on where the farm might be would be much appreciated.

Brenda Reed: My late mother use to be in the Land Army but unfortunately I know very little about her life then.  Is there anyone I can contact to find where she was “stationed” and the date when she joined and left.  Her name was Betty Hilda Read and she lived at 41 Nightingale Grove  Hither Green  Lewisham  London SE13.  Her date of birth was 8 December 1918. My mother passed away in June 1992.

Rita Metcalfe: I am looking for any information about my mum who was in the WLA. Her maiden was Evelyn Newsome DOB 17/05/1924 . She orginated from Bradford West Yorkshire. she started in North Yorkshire possibly near Leeming Airfield in early 1941. She was moved to the  The Rothchild Estate  which is down south. Later she was moved again near to Brighton.

Christopher Rooney: Did someone in your family serve in the Women’s Land Army? Would you like to chronicle and celebrate that in a Life Story Book? I am a professional writer. I’d like to hear from anyone who is interested in having a book written about a relative’s time in the WLA. The Life Story Books I write are not published commercially. They are unique and memorable gifts, becoming cherished family heirlooms. For more information, please click here.

Rodney Pearson: A play I have directed about the Land Girls in WW2 called Lilies on the Land is to be performed on Cobham Heritage Day (10 September) at Cobham Village Hall, Cobham, Surrey. The play, which we previously presented at the Leatherhead Drama Festival in 2015, follows the fortunes of 4 land girls from different backgrounds over the course of the War and is set against the passing of the seasons. The script by co-operative theatre company the Lions part is based on letters written by former Land Girls about their experiences. As part of the evening, I would like to include reminiscences of former Land Girls who live in Cobham or whose families are from the area. Please could any Land Girls or their families please get in touch.

Lynn Jones: I am looking for any information about my mother who was in the WLA. Her name was Edith Wharton (maiden name). DoB: 19/06/1928. She orginated from Broomhill Wombwell, South Yorkshire.

Pam Holmes: I am looking for information on mother’s sister Eleanor/Helen or Nell as she was known to the family.  She was born in 1919 in Islington to Eliza and William Evans and lived in Rahere Street.  I am almost certain she was in the Women’s Land Army during the war, but other than that, have no further information.

Nikki King Smith: I am looking for information on my mother’s time in the Women’s Timber Corps. Her full name was Joan Pricilla Hayward, born 7/8/1923 and she was from outer London. She had had polio, so her left arm was shorter and she had a heck of a sense of humour. She mentioned being on the building of a submarine base, East Coast….England/ Scotland ? If we can find anyone who remembers her it would great. Plus we were hoping to go to the places she may have been, in a small way to pay homage…..

Rebecca McCabe: I’m hoping to find out more information about my Nan’s time in the WLA and would love to make contact with any of her friends then. I know she – Joan ‘Blondie’ Makin – stayed at Coome End in Woking and she always spoke fondly of her time there post-WW2. I have many photos of her with her pals ‘Freckles’, Ray, Joyce Walters, Maureen and Daphne. Nan became godmother to Daphne’s daughter Carole. If anyone can shed any light, please get in touch!

Will Hodge: I’m searching for any information relating to my father’s registered place of birth – Northfields, Langton, Speldhurst, Kent. So far my search has uncovered very little apart from a thread of comments of someone else on a forum also searching for information.  The thread lists the WLA as something to do with the home – he was born in 1945 and I wondered if you would have any details about it? I’m unsure whether Northfields was a home or a hospital or what it was but I know it no longer exists. As I say, this is all I have to go on so far in trying to trace the ownership of the home as well as trying to understand why my father would have been born there when his family lived in London which is where all his siblings were born.

Vicki Carter: Would love to know where my late mother was while in the Land Army. I only know it was South Wales, probably near Abertridwr in 1948.  Her name was Joan Edna Berridge. She came from Poole or Ringwood.

Elisabeth Sweeney: If by chance there is someone out there whose mum is called Beryl who may have served in the Women’s Land Arrmy in WW2.  My mum is coming up to 90 years old just before the New Year so be nice to hear if Beryl or a family member right is out there.  She has a lovely photo of herself with Beryl and another land army girl in a truck. My mum comes from the Lake District but moved with the land army from Cumbria to Hertfordshire. Stayed in the Totteridge Hall in north London using the local pub the Rising Sun. See the photos here.

Ollie: I am trying to trace details about Elizabeth [Betty] Merrett (née Long, I believe) who served in the WLA in Sussex. I believe she married John G. Merrett in 1949. Is hers a name you have come across? She trained as a rat catcher in WLA ( She later worked as a War Ag tractor driver ( and she featured as a model for a Land Girl in St Clements Church window, Hastings (;

John Cogan: I am the organizer for a photographic group who are mounting an exhibition of World War 2 veterans to support the Royal British Legion’s Annual Service of Remembrance held this year on 7th November at Newcastle Cathedral.  To this end I am asking you if you are in a position to introduce me to any veterans still living in the NE Region… we define that as Northumberland, County Durham and Tyne and Wear. Our regional RBL organizer is David Bell and our own website is

Mark: I am trying to find out about my Aunts’ time in the Land Army. Her name was Lilian May Nellie O’Dell born 18 Feb 1923 in Kensington, London & lived around  Kensington & Harrow. Her maiden name was ODell sometimes written O’Dell, her married name Smith.

Martin: I am trying to find the location of the farm in Pembrokeshire where my mother worked while in the Land Army after WW2 and wondered if records of this type were kept.The farm was called Coed Ffynon, or Ffynone. My mother’s name at the time was Marion Beryl Stauber and she was probably in her late teens when she joined the Land Army as she was born in 1930. Finding the place where she worked is of sentimental interest to my sister and I as it was where mum met our father.  We would be grateful for any clues as to the location of the farm.

Julia: I am trying to find out some information about my late mother. She was born in Balmerino Fifeshire Scotland around 1914 her name was Sarah, Johnson Duncan, she left Scotland to enlist in the Land Army and was billeted to somewhere near Newquay, Cornwall I am trying to find out where that somewhere was. She met my father who was local to the area, they married and I was born a few years later. She was killed in a car accident in 1961 when I was 11 years old and was something we didn’t talk about!My Mother’s name was Sarah, Johnson, Duncan known as Sally, her d.o.b. was 15 th July 1916, 100 years ago!  She married and became Sally Arthur. To see photos, please click here.

Marc: I’m trying to find info in my nan who was in the land army during Second World War and married in 1945

Name: Ivy Studd (was Talbot )
DOB: 9/4/1924
Married: James Thomas studd 1945.
Served in land army during World War Two
Lived in Fulham

Francesca Baker: My Nanna was in the Women’s Land Army on the Romney Marsh, an experience she was never expected to have, and where she met my Grandad and had a rather sweet and romantic start to a marriage which changed her life. I am writing a novel based on their story, but as she was sadly shunned by her family for joining the Land Army and marrying my Grandad, and she herself has passed away, I have no family to ask. Would anyone be interested in sharing some of their experiences of being in the Land Army, the highs and lows, work, emotions, and small moments? It’s just to research and get a feeling for what it was like – even though I can’t ask Nanna I still want to try to tell a story. Please email me on or message me on Facebook if you can assist! Thank you so much x

The Rev’d Martin Flowerdew: I recently found the membership card for Miss M.L.McClary No. 38292 in a secondhand book I purchased. It would be good to reunite it with her [outside chance I admit] or her family. It was signed by Lady Denman and Cecily Cornwallis, dated 24.5.41. Please contact me at one of the below…Vicar of Foremark, Repton and Newton Solney, 01283 619686, Repton Church Website:

Coral Oliver: The lady I am looking for is called Pauline or Marjorie and  she would be 88 years old. I understand she is/was a rare chicken breeder in either Essex or Bury St Edmonds and
she worked with my mother in the Land Army. My mother Betty Tucker , 41 Croft Way Horsham, Sussex died on 5 May 2009 and she came to the funeral on the 14th May 2009  at Worthing Crematorium.

My Mother details from the National Archives

W.L.A. 153201
Miss Betty Siliva Spence , 17 Orme Road, Worthing, West Sussex
Age 17 (8.7.27)
Occupation Machinist
Entered 1.2.45
Released: Sussex on medical grounds  18.4.50

David Locke: My mum’s name was  Betty John Hood, D.O.B: 8th  April 1930. She lived in Warwickshire. Please could any one get in touch who may have information on my mum’s time in the Women’s Land Army.

Vicky Pyatt: Can anyone help me in finding information about my Grandmother please? She has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimers and memories of her younger years in the WLA bring her many happy hours reminiscing while her short term memory is no longer…. She served in the WLA in WW2. She enlisted in Andover Hampshire and then served in Dorset, Sussex and on the Broadlands estate in Romsey Hampshire. She married in 1949 and subsequently left the WLA in 1950 to have her first child. Her name then was Irene Rose Peacock or Hilditch. Then married to become Irene Rose Bean. She lived in the southampton area but joined the WLA after leaving a Banardos home for children. Her Dob is 5/12/29 but it’s quite likely she lied on her application about her age!!!!  I’ve contacted the imperial war museum for her index card but would love to get my hands on a photo of some sort. I don’t know where to start……It would mean so much to her. Thank you.

Linda Wade: I would appreciate any information as I am digitalizing WLA photos that belong to my Aunt and Mother-In-Law for the WIU Malpass Library in Macomb, Illinois. They had served in the WLA during 1941-1946.

  • Does anyone know of a Rulah or Rulab farm around Milford or Gilford, England?
  • Does anyone know where Black Meadow is  or which farm it was on?
  • Does anyone know of a Hewitt/Jewitt (her handwriting is illegible so that is my best guess) Farm?
  • Does anyone know if there is a Farencomb (the best I could make out from her handwritting) Farm or area?
  • All these locations would have been areas around Milford or Gilford, England as Margot and Ursel lived in a Hostel and worked in that area.
  • Was there a Secretto or Secreto Farm?

Jane Baxley: I am most interested in finding any information, medals, certificates etc that may pertain to the service my mother provided during her time in the Land Army during WW2. Her name was Dorothy Wilkinson, date of birth 13 January 1920 and at one point was assigned to farm work in Banbury. She died in 1990 and I am trying to compile information for her posterity including my siblings, her children, and their children and grandchildren. I would love to know if there is anyone who may have known my mother or trained with her, she has recorded in a small journal;

had six months of training…… I was sent to work on a small mixed farm at a place called Shotswell, near Banbury……………………………………….I learnt how to handle a horse and milk float and enjoyed being at this farm where I was treated as one of the family, living in the farm house. The work was hard and I had a half day, well almost a half day off,which I usually spent with my boss and his wife at Banbury where she did her shopping……….occasionally I went to a village dance, but as I had to be up by about 6 am each day this was not often, and as my employer was a Plymouth Brethren he frowned on the idea

The training was on a farm owned by the Birmingham Cooperative Society at Lea Marston, Warwickshire.

It would be wonderful to hear from anyone who may know of the training farm or the farm where my mother served and was obviously treated so kindly.

Scott Tanswell: Do you remember the Dig For Victory Campaign in Manchester during the Second World War? If so, I would love to hear your memories. Please click here to view my poster.

Julie Newman: I’m researching the Women’s Land Army in WW1 for a short story to be published later this year in an anthology. I would like to know how many, if any, women were recruited for work on farms in Cornwall and if so, when and where?

Jonathan Rowe: Has anyone any info on the WW1 Women’s Land Army Training Centre set up by Mrs Bonville Fox of Brislington House Asylum, then part of North Somerset, now a suburb of Bristol. It was said to be the best in the West Country! Mrs Fox ( Annie) also  founded the first WI in Brislington in 1918. Any leads would be great. Thanking you, Jonathan Rowe (Brislington Conservation & History Society)

Shaun Peters: I have an enquiry regarding the Women’s Land Army being based at a farm in Churt, Surrey which I understand to have been owned at this time by David Lloyd George. I am aware that my grandmother worked as a Land-Girl and that I have, somewhere to be found, a photograph where she is pictured amongst others with David Lloyd George.  Another photograph, I gave to Roy Hattersley who had given a talk on him which I saw a couple of years ago.  Is it known if there are other photographs which might be able to be viewed or more information to read please?

Ian Shankland: Hello, along with my two friends I’m trying to solve a mystery surrounding a missing 18thC farming diary that disappeared with an American soldier in WW2. We believe that the land girl working on the farm at the time might be able to help us. We know her name was Margaret and think her surname was Hudson, or a similar sounding name. The farm was Glebe Farm in Sarsden near Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire, and we know Margaret was there between 1943 and 1944. If anyone can confirm her surname, or help us get in touch with Margaret or her family, we’d be most grateful. We’ve posted a photo of Margaret on our research website which also has a ‘contact us’ link at the top of the page.  Here’s the page: Many thanks, Ian Shankland, Anne Hughes Diary Research Team

Susan Hopkins: My Grandmother Muriel Conibere was in the Woman’s Land Army during WWII. She lived in Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset and had a young child so she would have worked in the immediate area I imagine. She became a war widow in 1943. I know she was in the Land Army as I have her badge, however, I have no idea of the time period she served and I would like to add it to our family tree. I have tired the National Archives but I find it quite hard to use so I had no luck there. As I live in Australia I can’t just pop into local history centres and have a look for any info. If anyone could help me with this I would be really grateful.

Dee Gordan: I have just started researching the Women’s Land Army for The History Press (see and would like any information about Land Girls who worked in Essex during World War One and Two. Please get in touch with any stories or photos.

Peter Heywood: My name is Peter Heywood and I’m looking for Joan Escott. She was in the Women’s Land Army during the end of WW2 and was based at Torrington, North Devon and then went to Sutton House, North Yorkshire. From there she went to Cayton House near Scarborough and this is when I lost touch with her. We were pen pals for 6 years and I’d love to hear from her or anyone who knew her. Please contact me on 01827 880023. Thank you.

Nadezda Bulajic: My mother was in the forestry part of Women’s Land Army and was working around Helmsley/Thirsk. We are trying to find out which woods she would have worked in and where she lived. Her name was Gladys Whitaker and she was from Bradford West Yorks. She used to meet for a reunion in Thirsk for a number of years. Many of her fellow workers were from Newcastle area. Her married name was Bulajic. If anyone can help we would be very grateful. Please contact Nadezda Bulacjic if you can help:

Message from Dawn Welsbey: I have been trying to find out more about my grandmother and her time as a Land Girl. Unfortunately many of my relatives who would have had the information have sadly passed away. Her name is Edith Saunders (nee Lomas) and she was based at Tony Field Farm, Chawleigh in Devon. It was while she was there that she met a young farmer by the name of Frank Saunders who she later married. I do not know whether he was based at Tony Field Farm or a neighbouring farm. While I know this is a longshot, any suggestions as to where or who I should turn to for more information would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Dawn Welsbey if you can help:

Lorraine Bond has sent five photographs for use in the web site’s photographic archive, and she wonders if anyone can throw any light on them. Does anyone recognise the people or the scenes? Click here to see the photos.

Rachel Vogeleisen Davies: Two years ago I started a photography project about Women who volunteered in the services during the Second World War to complete my MA of Photography with the University of West London (ex-TVU). After completing my MA I decided to go on with my project. In the past 2 years I have managed to meet about 20 women who served in the “WRNS”, “WAAF” and ” ATA”. I am still trying to get in with Women who volunteered in the Land Army. Could you put me in touch with any ex-volunteers willing to take part into this project? My idea is to make a book out of this project.

Stephen Peart is preparing a book on the Lingwood (in Norfolk) community for publication next year and aims to give due credit to the part played by Land Army girls. The local vicarage was commandeered to billet 18 girls, mostly from Yorkshire. One of them stayed on and married a local by the surname of Tubby. If you have any information on this, please e-mail

Pam Langton: My mother, Barbara Afford, was secretary to the Land Army organiser Mrs Young and lived with my grandmother in Bishops Lydiard. I am trying to trace the house she lived in. If you have any information, please e-mail

Thomas Mason-Mckean: I am a member of the research team for the Luton Hoo Walled Garden project in Bedfordshire, we are slowly finding out more about the garden and estate and obviously this involves the Womens Land Army. I realise that most of your ladies would only have been there for the training period but any information no matter how small helps us to build up the history of the estate and its workers. If any of your ladies have any information, advice or photographs we would be very grateful. I hope you and your good ladies can help us out. My email address is