Aug 172017
WW2 Photo: Women wartime foresters

‘Swinging across the farrowed British countryside is an army of over forty thousand women. This is the Women’s Land Army whose members are drawn from every walk of life, from shop and beauty parlour, from domestic work and art school. Many of these have now completed these years work on the land and would not […]

Aug 022017
WW2 Photo: Land Girls in Rosskean Hostel, Invergordon Ross-shire

    The ladies in the picture are: Lena Killpatrick (my mother from Glasgow) Nan Thompson Elgin Joan Bissit (Glasgow) Mary Cullen (Glasgow) Getta M’canns (up north) Jean Sanderson (Edinburgh) Irene (Glasgow) Jackie (Aberdeen) Betty Cullen (Glasgow) Rena M’Neal Tollcross (Glasgow) Miss Munro the Matron Molly Lawrence (Glasgow) Celia Fulton (Glasgow) The address where they […]

Oct 212015
65th Anniversary: WLA Disbandment Parade, London (1950)

Today is the 65th anniversary of the 21 October 1950 ‘Farewell Parade’ of 500 representative land girls from all the counties in England and Wales before Queen Elizabeth, their Patron, at Buckingham Palace, to mark the disbandment of the Women’s Land Army (the Women’s Timber Corps of ‘lumber jills’ was disbanded on 31 August 1946)¬†. […]

Aug 012015
Special Photo of the Month: Land Girls celebrate Victory over Japan [VJ] Day on 15 August 1945

VJ Day finally marked the end of all fighting in the Second World War when Japan surrendered, following the dropping of two¬†atomic bombs on Japan on 6th and 8th August by the United States of America. There then began the very slow move back to normality in Britain, although food shortages and rationing in general […]