Mar 012017
March 2017: Centenary of the formation of the Women's Land Army

During World War One, 23,000 women were recruited to work full-time on the land, to help replace men who had left to fight in the war. This form of National Service for young female civilian farm workers was misleadingly called the Women’s Land Army. By January 1915 over 100,000 British men who worked on the land had gone […]

Mar 172016
Happy St Patrick's Day!

Regrettably, we have no photo of members of the Women’s Land Army in Northern Ireland during the 1940s. Because of the reality that the farms in Northern Ireland already used female family members as regular workers, the Women’s Land Army organisation never really took off there, although attempted. The other factor was that, because of […]

Apr 042015
Rare WW1 Memorial with land girls

There are few Great War memorials which depict the land girls of the first Women’s Land Army, 1917-19 but here is one, by the distinguished sculptor, Joseph Hermon Cawthra. The image of these young women in their distinctive working uniform, one with a pitchfork and another carrying a lamb, is just one detail from Bury […]

Aug 302014
WW1 Land Girl: Phyllis Sahmer (nee Drayton)

General Information First Name(s): Phyllis Unmarried Surname: Drayton Married Surname: Longbottom, 1921 in Bombay, India Sahmer, High Peak. c. 1952 Date of Birth: 20/9/1900 Place of Birth: Bournemouth Date Joined WLA: Agriculture, c. 1916 Date Left WLA / WFC: Circa 1918? Employment and Accommodation Employment Pre-Work Training: My Mother was a Bournemouth High School pupil when the Gt. War broke out. Leaving […]